On a Shabbat evening each winter, Temple Micah members invite one another into their homes for a Shabbat dinner. This Micah tradition is a wonderful way of strengthening old friendships and forming new ones while sharing a festive Shabbat meal together. We encourage everyone to participate. This year’s Shabbat Shalom Around Town is Friday, January 26, 2018.  To sign up to attend or host please visit this link.

Here are what people say about Shabbat Shalom Around Town:

Shoshana Rosenbaum: We have participated in SSAT every year for the five years… and have found it to be a great way to meet families we wouldn’t otherwise know. These friends & acquaintances help make us feel more connected to the Micah community, thanks to SSAT!

Kathlene Collins, David & Jack Lowenstein: We’ve been hosting a SSAT dinner for several years and it’s always a wonderful evening. We’ve had wildly disparate guests – from older singles to teenagers to brand new babies (along with their moms and dads, of course) – almost always people we don’t know well (or even at all). The group never fails to make connections, start fun and funny conversations, and eat up all the food. People really get into the spirit of the evening – getting to know one another and find things in common. It never seems to take more than a few minutes for everyone to feel like they’re been friends forever. We wouldn’t miss it.

Helen Epps: Shabbat Shalom Around Town offers a wonderful and unique opportunity to connect with other Micah members whom you might or might not know in the warmth of a home setting. …. It’s another way to build community and another opportunity to appreciate the depth, intelligence and experience of so many Micah members.