Monday, December 30th, 5-6:30pm
Join us for the First Annual Shamash Night Celebration: a Community Celebration of Helpers and Helping
What’s Shamash Night?
It is a community celebration of helpers and helping. It takes place on the “ninth night” of Hanukkah because the shamash candle spends the entire holiday helping its neighbors in the menorah. We’ll gather to give thanks to the shamash candle, and to all the helpers in our lives.
Why is Temple Micah starting this tradition?
Award-winning children’s book author (and Micah member) Erica Perl has written a book called THE NINTH NIGHT OF HANUKKAH. We anticipate that, when it comes out in 2020, Shamash Night celebrations will become the next big thing. So, we’ve decided to go first and show the world how it’s done! And we want you to be part of making history with us.
What will happen at the Shamash Night Celebration?
First of all, everyone is welcome! The celebration will take place from 5-6:30 pm to accommodate the needs of young families. There will be a picture book reading (from THE NINTH NIGHT OF HANUKKAH, which hasn’t even been published yet… so this will be its first public reading) and conversation about helping. There will also be games, songs, crafts, and – of course – tasty food!
It sounds like fun. But it’s such a busy time of year. Why should I make time for this event?
At this time of year, many of us look for opportunities to give back and to teach our children about tzedakah and tikkun olam. Shamash Night presents a wonderful and easy opportunity to this, all wrapped up in a fun evening spent connecting with others in the Micah community. Think of it as a present you give yourself (and your family).
OK, we’re in! In the spirit of the night, is there anything we can do to help?
Yes! You can bring your menorah and any extra Hanukkah candles you have left over. Also, feel free to take a selfie with someone who you appreciate for helping you or your family (perhaps a neighbor, teacher, babysitter, or dogwalker) and email it to by December 23, 2019.