For those who are unable to join our Roadmap discussions, we’re excited to expand the conversation to the whole Temple Micah community! We invite you to participate by answering a weekly question that will help you reflect on the role Judaism plays in your life and in your relationship with Micah. Your answers will help us navigate into the future and maintain the exciting Micah that we have created.

Your responses are anonymous and you have the choice to share your thoughts on Temple Micah’s website for others in our community to read and be part of this ongoing conversation.


Community Responses

What do you struggle with when it comes to Judaism?


How do you connect Jewishly?

– Through conversation, community actions, and learning

– Home-based holiday meals with friends and family

– I connect Jewishly with my heart, my background experience, and my soul. Community is very important to me!

– Prayer services; family Seder for Passover

– Friday shabbat with friends – lots of fabulous Israeli TV Shows (Prisoners of War, Fauda, Shitsel, When Heroes Fly)

– Holiday celebrations

– Chanting from the Torah

– By reading Jewish books

– Shabbat dinners with friends

– Going to synagogue, going to services, coming to Temple Micah

– Going to camp (Harlam, Louise, etc.)

– Spending time with my Jewish friends

– Celebrating the Jewish holidays

– I don’t know


What are you Jewishly curious about?

– Sacred femininity (eg mikvah, women’s traditions, women’s narratives, divine feminine energy, women’s traditions, etc.)

– Jewish mysticism

How to find God

– Where does monotheism come from?

How do we create coalitions for our city in ways that support all

– Influence of Norther Kingdom on lasting traditions

– How does Judaism tell me to lead an ethical life?

– What are some lessons learned from previous times that were politically and socially worrisome?

– I’m curious about Jewish communities around the world. For instance, Jewish communities that have been rebuilt after the Shoah in Europe or in countries like Spain, Portugal, England where Jews were thrown out centuries ago

– Transcendence

– The Western Wall

The decision(s) c. 1000 CE to divide the Torah into different sedrot. Some appear to split narratives, even sentences, in the middle

– Context; framework for living in 2020

Who wrote the Torah and who came up with the prayers? Or was it more than one person?

– What tools did the Maccabees have in their fight against the Greeks?

God in general

– Why is Judaism called Judaism? Why did God create Judaism?

– Plans for intergenerational collaborations

– I can’t believe I am struggling with this question. I have taken deep dives into Judaism many times in my life. Those were the times I felt most curious or felt called to serve. I have to give this some more thought

– Israel – culture/food/service/politics

– History