The world follows its course” – Babylonian Talmud Avodah Zarah 54b

Dear Friends,

The Talmud teaches that the inexorable forces of nature are, just that, inexorable. The pandemic that the world is enduring is a stunning reminder of human fragility in the face of unrelenting and unyielding nature. We feel as if our lives have been turned upside down.

In the face of such upheaval, we have made the difficult decision to indefinitely postpone our annual fundraising auction including the online offering that we had considered offering. The idea of selling theater outings and restaurant meals felt wrong and insensitive to our current reality.

And yet – Temple Micah, our communal Jewish home has real budget needs for which the auction, as our largest annual fundraiser, raised a critical percentage. We are therefore turning to you in this difficult time, during which we know that you are being asked to dig deep for many noble causes, to do so also for us.

In this extraordinary time, we are striving to strengthen our community connections through the wonder of the internet.  We are praying, singing and learning online. We are celebrating both virtual b’nai mitzvah and baby namings. We are communally mourning our losses on our computer screens. We are supporting our neighbors in need such as Friendship Place and community food banks.  We are trying to reach out to each of you.

Additionally, in these challenging times, we have made the institutional commitment that none of our loyal staff will be let go.  Our financial needs are very real. As you make your pressing Tzedakah decisions in these days, please think of us and the role we play in your life, the life of our community and the Jewish world.

With your generosity and strength our “Micah world”, as in the talmudic statement, will be able to continue to follow our own traditional course: of doing justice, loving mercy, and striving to walk the sacred path of our God.

Many, many thanks,

Rabbi Daniel G. Zemel