Giving to Micah




Our community relies on its members and those who love Micah for its financial health. We are proud of the ways we built and expanded our building, keeping to our belief in not highlighting individual donations. There are no dedicatory plaques in our building. We worked together to create a house of worship that reflects a core belief in equality. We are also proud of our programs and activities, thoughtful and bold, inclusive and dynamic.

Maintaining our standards of worship, learning and community requires your help. Micah members have always given freely and generously when asked. They recognize needs and rise to meet them. There are many ways to donate to Temple Micah.

Our Funds

  • Building Fund: Allows us to maintain our beautiful, but aging building as well as plan for future growth.
  • Endowment Fund: The Endowment is maintained through lifetime and bequest gifts as a fund to generate sufficient growth and income over the long term. It ensures that the vision of its founders is continued and healthy for future generations
  • General Fund: Supports all services and programs in the temple.
  • Innovation Fund: This fund seeds innovative and new ideas that allow us to drive our community, our Jewish narrative, and our human project forward.
  • Learning Fund: At Temple Micah, education is an ongoing and ageless endeavor that touches each member. It includes our unique Machon Micah, adult b’nai torah classes, study of Talmud and of poetry. The Education Fund can support an author or speaker, send a student to a Reform camp or program in Israel, or create a lecture series.
  • Legacy Fund: The Legacy Fund is a quasi-endowment maintained through lifetime and bequest gifts as a fund to generate a consistent and stable flow of income for our long range future.
  • Micah House Fund: Micah House provides transitional housing, support, and social services to homeless women with histories of alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Music and Worship Fund: Your donation will be used for special pulpit needs, prayer book maintenance, holiday services, and other liturgical and musical support that is enjoyed by our entire community.
  • Rabbi’s Discretionary Funds (Rabbis Zemel, Beraha, and Crawley): Donations to these funds enable our rabbis to provide financial assistance for those in need and support special programs.
  • Rabbi Daniel G. Zemel Fund for Israel:  Supports social welfare, Reform movement, culture, and education in Israel.
  • Sukkat Shalom Fund: Supports our efforts to help refugee families.
  • Tzedek (Social Justice) Fund: We support organizations strengthening DC neighborhoods, leadership, addressing homelessness, and elders in the Jewish community.

Donation of Securities

Please contact our Bookkeeper or download the stock transfer instructions..

We do incur some fees in connection with the sale of securities.  We credit your account with the full amount that is credited to our bank account on the sale of your securities. Please donate only publicly-traded stock. If you would like to transfer mutual funds, please contact our Bookkeeper, Rhiannon Walsh, to confirm that we can accept them.

Planned Giving:
Sustaining Temple Micah, from Generation to Generation

You can create a lasting legacy that sustains the growth and development of our extraordinary temple. We ask you to join us in preserving and expanding all that we value at Temple Micah. Your planned gift can and will truly make a difference. There are several ways to do this:

  • Make a bequest in your will
  • Name Temple Micah the beneficiary of retirement plans, pensions, or life insurance
  • Give gifts of appreciated stock

For more information on how to include Temple Micah in your estate plans, please contact our Executive Director, 202-342-9175, x105. We will work with you and your financial/legal advisers to help ensure your Jewish legacy.