Adult Education

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Temple Micah creates opportunities for Jewish learning that challenge, engage, and inspire each member of our community to live a more fulfilled human and Jewish life. Our adult learning offerings include formal classes and lectures, seminars led by Temple Micah professional staff, and lay-led study groups. Group study takes place throughout the week and weekly on Shabbat. We welcome the ongoing growth and reinvention of this learning, including the creation of new groups by our members.

Our educational offerings for adults also include an array of subject matter. Students of all ages can also study Hebrew at home via Skype, in classes of various levels, or in our lay-led Hebrew poetry study group. Lectures, seminars and study groups consider the Torah and the rest of the Bible from diverse perspectives. Other learning venues–led by staff, clergy, and community members–take up Israel and the Middle East, Zionism, prayer and worship, spirituality, philosophy, Jewish holidays, Reform Judaism, Judaism in modern America, and anything else our community encounters in its life together.

Speakers Series 2019-2020

Rabbi Lawrence Hoffman, Scholar-in-Residence
March 20-22, 2020

Kara Blond
Sunday, April 19 at 10:15 am
Executive Director of the Lillian and Albert Small Capital Jewish Museum

Ongoing Classes

Downtown Discussion Group

This study group, led by Rabbi Zemel, chooses a book on Jewish thought to explore together. The Downtown Discussion Group will read Michael Brenner’s In Search of Israel: The History of an Idea. This years meeting dates are as follows:

March 9, 2020: Chapter 4 Original Israel: A State Defining Itself pp 138-185

March 23, 2020: Chapter 5 Greater Israel: A State Expanding pp186-229

April 6, 2020: Chapter 6 Global Israel: A State Beyond Borders pp230-265

April 13, 2020: Conclusion: Israel’s New Order pp 266-288

April 27, 2020

May 4, 2020

May 11, 2020

Contact: Temple Micah Office

Hebrew Poetry

Following the oneg for morning services generally on the first and third Saturdays of each month, this lay-led group reads In Hebrew and translates and discusses in English the poetry of Yehuda Amichai and other modern Israeli poets. These poets use biblical, prayer, and contemporary Hebrew in a manner that is accessible and extremely insightful on many levels to those with even limited Hebrew knowledge.  No preparation 9required. Contact: Hebrew Poetry.

Jewish Thinkers of the 20th and 21st Centuries

On the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month, Jewish Thinkers, a lay-led study group, meets after services to read essays of 20th and 21st Century Jewish Thinkers who grapple with fundamental questions of faith and religion using the formal tools called Theology. The group is currently studying Sayings of the Fathers, Pirkei Avot. Contact: Jewish Thinkers


Monday Morning Study Group

This study group is led by Rabbi Zemel, beginning Monday, November 4. This year’s Monday Morning Group will discuss Robert Mnookin’s The Jewish American Paradox.

March 9, 2020: Chapter 5 Peoplehood 79-96

March 23, 2020: Chapter 6  Who is a Jew in Israel 97-115

April 6, 2020: Chapter 7 Who is a Jew in America? A Twentyfirst Century Standard 115-128

April 13, 2020: Chapter 8 Can We Survive Acceptance? 129-164

April 27, 2020: Chapter 9 The Challenge of Israel 165-188

May 4, 2020: Chapter 10 The Challenge of Intermarriage 189-202

May 11, 2020: Chapter 11 Raising a Jewish Child\ Conclusion 203-228

For more information please contact: The Micah Office.

Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learn is a monthly learning opportunity program sponsored by the Aging Together Team. An enormously popular Micah event, Lunch and Learn offers offer a vibrant, intellectually stimulating lecture accompanied by a home-cooked meal on the second Wednesday of the month from 12:00-2:00 pm in the downstairs social hall. Transportation is provided to those who request it. Register for the next one here!

Don’t miss out, view past Lunch and Learn lectures here. If you are interested in viewing a Lunch and Learn lecture that is not on our website please contact the office.

Jan. 8, 2020  Susan Subak: Understanding our emissions; finding low-carbon culture in the U. S.

Feb. 12, 2020  Ari Roth: Resilient Relationships: The Dramas of Creating Cutting Edge Theater

Mar. 11, 2020  Jacqueline Simon: AFGE Public Policy Director

Apr. 1, 2020 (note this is the first Weds. of the month)  Jean Nordhaus

May 13, 2020  Johanna Forman

Jun. 10, 2020  Rabbi Ari Plost

Dr. Evelyn Torton Beck: Hidden from History No More: Jewish Women’s Activism in Second-Wave Feminism – 12/11/19
Rabbi Stephanie Crawley: Breaking the Stigma: Addiction and a Jewish Path to Recovery – 11/13/19
Susan Benda
: Human Trafficking One Senate Investigation at a Time – 10/16/19
Stan Brand
: Minor League Baseball – 9/11/19
Elise Bean: Tikkun Olam: Repairing the World One Senate Investigation at a Time – 8/4/19
Al From: Will the Democrats Create a Path to Re-Election for Donald Trump? – 7/10/19
Juliet Eilperin: Has Barack Obama’s environmental legacy unraveled? A look at America’s climate and public lands policy – 6/12/19
Marianne Szegedy-Maszak: Charmed Lives:History, Family and Fate during Hungary’s Holocaust – 5/8/19
Carla Peterson-Rosenbloom: Black Gotham: A Family History of African Americans in New York City – 4/10/19
Peter Edelman: The Criminalization of Poverty – 3/13/19
Margaret Henoch: Intelligence Failure: Behind the Scenes at the 2003 Invasion of Iraq – 2/13/19
Alan Kraut: Anti Immigrant Sentiment throughout American History – 1/9/19
Stacy Cloyd: Social Security: Past, Present and Future – 12/12/18
Myra Sklarew:  Through the Archives of the Feet: Holocaust Memory in Lithuania – 11/14/18
Stan Shulman: Team Alaska in Vietnam – 10/10/18
Peter Lovenheim: The Attachment Effect – 9/12/18
David Rosenbaum: How Should Science Inform Public Policy Decisions – 8/8/18
Doug Grob: Understanding China – 7/11/18
Yolanda Savage-Narva: Inclusivity: The Relationship between Blacks and Jews – 6/13/18
Erica Perl: Carving Out Space for Creativity – 5/9/18
Jared Blum: The Anti-Defamation League – 4/11/18
Dana Milbank: What’s up in Washington? – 3/14/18
Cynthia Hogan: Transacting with the US government in the era of Trump – 2/14/18
Larry Cooley & Marina Fanning: Foreign Aid in an ‘America First’ World – 1/10/18
Rabbi Tamara Miller: The Rocky Road to the Rabbinate; a modern day Yentl – 12/13/17
Arthur Freeman: The Evolution of Hanukkah Lamp Design – 11/8/17
Stuart Schwartz: Behind the Scenes of Broadcast News – 10/11/17
Herman and Mary Schwartz: Music of Exile – 9/13/17
Karen Rosenbaum: The Air of Photography – 8/9/17
Daniel Brumberg: Internal Politics and International Policy in Iran – 7/12/17
Owen Herrnstadt: Interacting with Europe regarding BDS?

Torah Study Group

This lay-led group meets each Shabbat morning before services to explore the week’s Torah and Haftarah portions. There are refreshments and all are welcome to attend. Contact: Torah Study