B’nai Mitzvah: 7th Grade Program and Information for Families

The 7th grade curriculum is focused on three pillars of learning.

Pillar oneHebrew language and prayer. Temple Micah 7th graders spend their bar/bat mitzvah year studying Hebrew, prayer and cantillation through our Skype Hebrew program, our Tuesday afternoon program (4:30 pm-6:30 pm) and regular meetings with a tutor.

Pillar twoSocial Justice. Temple Micah 7th graders participate in two group social justice experiences that are planned each year by a Micah staff member in conjunction with interested adults. Through these experiences, we wish to expand the idea of what we mean by social justice–so while the students might volunteer at a soup kitchen, they might also spend a day exploring poverty in our city  by meeting with experts on the issue and engaging in serious discussion around the topic.

Pillar three—Empowered learning. In order to empower our students to begin to create their own Jewish lives, we create a structure of support for 7th graders to study on their own.  Instead of attending regular class meetings on Sunday mornings, 7th graders chart their own year-long course of Jewish engagement. With ongoing consultation and support from clergy, staff and advisers,  each student designs and carries out an individualized learning plan that reflects his or her own passions.