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We strive to be an inclusive community that makes Judaism accessible and inspiring to all who want to explore it. If you are considering conversion, we hope you will join us to ask the big questions and explore what our community has to offer. If you are seeking guidance, the rabbis at Temple Micah are available to speak with you regarding converting to Judaism.

If you are looking for opportunities to learn, Temple Micah also participates in the community-wide conversion class that is sponsored by the Washington area Reform movement. Information on this class is available here. To learn more, please contact us.

Welcoming New Children

Celebrate the arrival of your new child with a naming ceremony or a brit (bris). Baby namings at Micah customarily take place in the synagogue during a Shabbat service. Contact us if you want help choosing Hebrew names, need to plan a brit/naming ceremony, or are seeking an officiant at a baby naming ceremony.

B’nai Mitzvah

We welcome our b’nai mitzvah into the community during Saturday Shabbat services. The entire community celebrates with the b’nai mitzvah families, along with invited guests.

To be a Jewish adult is to take Jewish learning and Jewish community involvement seriously. The road to Jewish adulthood begins with becoming a bar/bat mitzvah and continues for life. At Temple Micah we believe that by 7th grade our students have reached a level of maturity that enables them to take responsibility for the beginning of their own Jewish learning.  As such, 7th graders at Temple Micah design their own program of study to accompany a mandatory weekly Tuesday skills class and Skype Hebrew lesson.

The possibilities for the self-designed program of study are numerous. During the academic year, students can engage in a wide variety of educational experiences to be decided on in consultation with a rabbi and family. An advisor will work closely with students and families to oversee the program of study and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

In addition to the self-designed program of study, 7th graders are highly encouraged to attend Shabbat worship at Temple Micah on Friday nights and Saturday mornings. Regular attendance at Shabbat and other holiday worship is considered a major component of the 7th grade year. For more information about the B’nai Mitzvah program, contact Rabbi Josh Beraha.


Our rabbis are here to guide you throughout the wedding-planning process and help you establish a Jewish marriage.  Through premarital counseling we will explore your relationship and your goals, and shape a ceremony that is meaningful for you and your families. A wedding is only the beginning, and we are committed to helping you find your place within the Micah community following the ceremony.  Contact us to learn more.

For the Ailing

We consider it a privilege to provide comfort and solace to members who are ailing. Our Hineni (“I am here”) group is able to provide meals, transportation, and other support for ill members.
Contact: Hineni

Please call the office at (202) 342-9175 if you or a family member is ill and you would like to see a rabbi, either at home or in the hospital.

End of Life

Our rabbis are honored to provide support for families coping with serious illness and death. They provide comfort and advice regarding end-of-life decisions and funerals. Please contact us if you are in need of support.


For Temple Micah shiva customs, please download our Shiva Guide.


For information about Temple Micah’s cemetery, please click here.