Yahrzeits (anniversaries of the deaths of loved ones) are commemorated on Friday evening and Saturday, when we will read aloud the names of the deceased for that week. For those who have provided information to the temple, a yahrzeit notice will be sent. Individuals who wish to make a brief oral presentation in commemoration of a loved one should contact the temple office about the availability of the desired date.

Yahrzeits will be observed for these relatives and friends of the Micah Community at the following Shabbat Services: 

October 9, 10

Raymond Busker, Esther Dunsay, Jennie Faber, Samuel Faber, Lorraine Feldman, Charlotte Funston, Veronica Goda, Clara Gordon, Sarah Graubard, Simon Hadley, Dora Horowitz, Edward C. Kirby, Jr.,
Meryl Klarin, Michael Nussbaum, Penny Lamb Parker, Daniel Rosenbaum, Joel Rudick, Marian Schnall,
Howard Schulman, Stephen Schultz, Robert Schwartz, Cyril Simon, Cecille Steinberg, Hana Taffet,
Jean Wentworth