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Shabbat Services at a Glance:

Friday Night:  6:30 pm Shabbat home blessings
Saturday Morning: 10:15 am service

All of Micah’s Shabbat services will be online through at least April 30. Stay tuned for information on how to join us!

Special Shabbat Services

We have many special Shabbat experiences. Check out our calendar to see which are coming up. 

  • 25 & 50 Year Club Shabbat (Fall, 2019) honoring people who have been members for 25 or 50 years
  • Hanukkah Extravaganza Shabbat (December 27, 2019) – During the Shabbat of Hanukkah, everyone brings their Hanukkiah to the synagogue for services. This is always a brilliant, luminous, and fun service.
  • Combined Community Shabbat Service (We will not be participating this year but will be in December, 2020) – In a tradition going back over 30 years, Temple Micah joins together with Adas Israel, Temple Sinai, and Washington Hebrew Congregation for our annual community Shabbat service together.
  • Operation Understanding DC/Martin Luther King, Jr. Shabbat (January 17, 2020) with speakers from Operation Understanding DC (OUDC). Operation Understanding DC’s mission is “to build a generation of Black and Jewish community leaders who promote respect, understanding, and cooperation while working to eradicate racism, anti-Semitism and all forms of discrimination.” You can learn more on their website here.
  • Shabbat Shalom Around Town (February 7, 2020)- On a Shabbat evening each winter, Temple Micah members invite one another into their homes for a Shabbat dinner. You can sign up to be a host or to be a guest. We will match people up, and you share a Shabbat dinner with others in the Temple Micah community. This Micah tradition is a wonderful way of strengthening old friendships and forming new ones while sharing a festive Shabbat meal together. We encourage everyone to participate.
  • Shabbat Shirah (February 8, 2020) – A special musical extravaganza Shabbat when we read the “song of the sea” Torah portion, and chant Mi Chamocha, a song for freedom, numerous different ways. The service includes an orchestra of members and both the youth and adult choirs.

Children at Services

We welcome children of all ages at all of our services. It is a joy for us to see children and families in the sanctuary! Please welcome our children and offer a smile of encouragement to their parents. We want everyone to feel that this sanctuary is their home.

Our Youth Choir (made up of students in grades 2-4) sings once a month. Check our calendar for the next Youth Choir Shabbat. For families with young children, we offer monthly Young Family Shabbat services where children can get acquainted with the service and parents of young children can connect.

Feel free to borrow children’s books and games from the toy box in the “Quiet Room” near the front of the sanctuary. If you need to leave the service, there is a family room (the “Quiet Room”) to the right of the bimah where you will be able to see and hear what is happening in the sanctuary.

Haftarah Project, sponsored by the Innovation Fund

Led by Rabbi Samantha Frank, Rabbinic Fellow

At these Shabbat morning services, instead of the usual Haftarah reading, Rabbi Samantha Frank will present special readings that attempt to speak to the American Jewish experience through biblical and non-biblical texts.